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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Healthy Eating Habits to KidsLiving

Kids healthy eating habits I seriously consider lying and saying that we only let our kids eat lean and green. We can be a lot of problem from healthy eating and sleeping.


 Many ways to make your body burn more fat:

1. We talk a lot about what is healthy and what isn't healthy and why a particular food isn't healthy. I show them what you can do to make it a healthier food. For example, pizza does not have to be unhealthy if you make it with a whole wheat crust, fresh tomato sauce, low fat cheese and veggies.
2. I stress to my kids that "everything in moderation" is a good policy (with everything in life.)
3. Get up and move at least 30 minutes every day. I want my kids to think of exercise as a natural part of their day, not as a chore.
4. We try very hard not to use food as a reward. I'll admit it is tough and inevitably it happens. But I rather it be an exception and not the rule.
5. Holidays aren't all about food. They are about family and getting together and spending time with those you love. This one is definitely easier said than done.
7. It's ok to have dessert. Kids think that whatever they can't have or do must be really awesome. I want them to know that food doesn't have to be the enemy if you don't let it.
8. Why we need to eat. A car MUST have gas to go, but the kind of gas you put in makes a big difference. If you put crappy gas in the car (mixed with sand and tar), your car may go, but it's going to go putt putt and make a lot of strange noises and won't go for very long before it gets all clogged with gunk. But if you put high quality gas in your car, it will run smoothly and last much longer. The same goes for our own bodies. Our bodies need food, but we have a choice as to the quality of food and we save anytime our body.

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